PPW NFT Marketing Solution

We Make NFT Projects Come Alive - From Idea To Reality!

Below are the links to our NFT Collections online.

  1. A sales rep For QuantumDriveNFT.io will look at your project to give you all the rule sets and suggestions you need to launch a very successful NFT Marketing Project on the Polygon or Cardano Blockchains, We stay clear of the Ethereum blockchain because of the "Way Too High" gas charges to do transactions.
  2. PowerProWeb.com NFT Marketing with QuantumDriveNFT.io
  3. We offer two different price points for most of the digital NFT collections we create for you, a lower price point if our brand can go on somewhere on the NFT image.
  4. The base price for all the services would be a very affordable for the client. Further, each time an NFT sells on the blockchain, the client gets 95% of the sale and the remaining 5% of the purchase price goes to QuantumDriveNFT.io for creating and maintaining the collection.

    • The simple way the money would breakout:
    • 95% going to the client Crypto Wallet Address
    • 5% going to QuantumDriveNFT.io for creating & maintaining the collection
This is easy to execute because the wallet addresses of all parties are in the NFT smart contract. When the contract executes the crypto goes to the wallets specified.

What we need from our clients:

All marketing materials available at present so we can keep our work going forward, (this will compliment all the previous marketing.) We communicate with the clients chief marketing person to coordinate with them to keep from duplicating work.

We can customize what we do for our clients depending on the venue of the project. Here is one example.

The client would provide things in 3 categories before any work can begin:
  1. We look at the Brand Presence, Brand Story, and Brand Immersion to date to create a fluid transition for how it needs to be on the Blockchain space.
  2. We provide several custom Social Media Accounts that the marketing will live on so that we build a Strong Community, Strong Social Media Structure and Loyal Happy Audience. We also require a complete list of all the possible marketing the Client will be doing going forward. That way we do not create any conflicts.
  3. A complete (as possible) list of all merchandising the client will be doing and merchandise they have now.
Ongoing what we need from the client is good communication and on time delivery of materials needed to create the NFTs.

Ideas for content to create the NFTs:

Books, Collectibles, Collector Cards, Fundraisers, Personal Art Collections, Musicians, Artists of any kind etc.
  • For projects that have a possibility of behind-the-scenes images/videos of everything from start to finish
  • Behind-the-scenes of the images/videos creation of the Art
  • Behind-the-scenes images of actors and crew
  • All Storyboards, brainstorming, even the ones that would get thrown away
  • Any created props for the Movie objects like weapons, costumes, jewelry, etc
  • We can also create a Token/Coin for your project on the Cardano and/or Ethereum Blockchains. This would be a good path to take if your project will have a lot of people in the ecosystem of your project

Movies, Shorts, Blogs & Commercials:
  • Behind-the-scenes images of everything from the start of filming to the end
  • Behind-the-scenes images of building the sets
  • Behind-the-scenes images of actors and crew
  • All Storyboards, scripts for the fim or short/commercial, brainstorming sketches, even the ones that would get thrown away.
  • Any Created for the Movie objects like weapons, costumes, jewelry, props etc.
  • Create a Token/Coin for this project on the Cardano & Ethereum blockchains

Products to create the NFTs from:

  • Photos made into Collector Cards - Custom Sizes Available upon request. [The Protective Cello Sleeves will be provided only if needed]. - * UC, ** TBM
    • standard size 2.5 x 3.5in. [with a cello sleeve 2.75 x 3.75in if needed].
    • standard size 2.75 x 3.75in. [with a cello sleeve 2.75 x 3.75in if needed].
    • standard size 5.75 x 8.75in. [with a cello sleeve 2.75 x 3.75in if needed].
  • 11"x17", 18"x24", 22"x28", 24"x36", & 36"x48" portrait movie posters - signed, dated & numbered - * UC, ** TBM
  • 11x17 landscape book covers for framing - signed, dated & numbered - * UC, ** TBM
  • 8.5x11 front book covers - signed, dated & numbered - * UC, ** TBM
  • Book Marks - * UC, ** TBM
  • Postcards - * UC, ** TBM
  • Business Cards - ** TBM
  • Minted 40 gram real coins - 2 month lead time on this - * UC, ** TBM
  • All Storyboards with - signed, dated & numbered - * UC, ** TBM
  • Actor & Crew Cameos - signed, dated & numbered - * UC, ** TBM
  • Books that were used to make the screenplay - * UC, ** TBM
  • Anything & everything that would be interesting to the consumer - * UC, ** TBM

* UC, (Unlockable Content) is - interesting information about them on the back of the printed card and in the Unlockable Content link on the NFT.
** TBM, (To Be Mailed) to the client: Special attention is put on the physical items to be mailed to NFT buyers so that the products are protected until we mail it to them. US and Canda only at this time.

Ideas for releasing your initial NFT project:

  • We create the NFT site on, (OpenSea.io or one like that on the Ethereum blockchain), and/or (CNFT.io on the Cardano Blockchain)
  • We create a QR Code on business cards for the Prerelease Project for the Client to give out. The QR code when scanned, will take the person to your site to purchase your NFTs
  • For larger clients that need more attention we assign an expert to the project for most of the work needed for small changes, or to put things in the queue to be done. We create a personal bond between the client and QuantumDrive NFT.io. This keeps the workflow moving at a great speed for everyone involved.

A Message From Founder & President John Joseph Stone: As always everyting in the massivly expanding NFT space can be customized to your designs and ideas.
We look forward to serving you as a client of QuantumDriveNFT.io and PowerProWeb.com